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.  Preparation and negotiation of international contracts.

. Consulting services for the establishment and operation of national     and foreign companies.
. Consulting services for the implementation of other forms of partnership, such as joint ventures, licensing, turnkey contracts, etc.
. Establishment of non-profit associations, offshore companies and Trust Funds.
. Negotiations with Government authorities to establish industries       and companies.
. General advice on the different benefits of the investment.
Company operations regarding investments and mergers.
. General consulting services on the applicable legislation regarding management of ordinary matters and special operations of the different non-profit associations and entities
. Legal advice in all matters of commercial law, intellectual property rights, technology transfer, exclusive licenses, trademarks and patents.

. Consulting services in the preparation, negotiation and review of contracts (rental, purchase, distribution, agency, franchise, joint venture, services, donations, mortgage, etc.)
. Merging and acquisition of companies.
. Consulting services in international trade.
. Insolvency and bankruptcy.
. Industrial property.
. Trading contracts.

. Tax advice.
. Legal representation in contentious-administrative litigations


. Labor contracts. Lay-off.
. Consulting services for private individuals and companies on labor law matters.
. Legal representation in labor lawsuits.



. Presentation of any kind of claims and civil defense.
. Execution of legal decisions.
. Seizure of assets.
. Execution and bankruptcy.
. Collection of cheques and promissory notes.
. Presentation of statements.
. Presentation of any kind of appeals.
. Legal representation abroad through our correspondents and associated law offices.
. Legal representation in arbitrations and mediation proceedings.
. Negotiations with the administration.
. Legal representation in administrative lawsuits.



. Representation of private individuals and companies purchasing or renting real estate and investing in different kinds of commercial projects.


 . Civil marriage in Paraguay
. International civil divorces
. Pre-nuptial agreements and own-assets agreement.
. Divorce agreement and alimonies.
. Mental Incompetence and Legal Guardian petitions.
. Preparation of Wills.
. Donation and legacy contracts
. Inheritance - legal proceedings in Israel and Latin America.


. Powers of attorney for Israel and abroad.
. Certification of signatures.
. Translations.
. Legalizations.


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